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February 18th 2008

This blog runs alongside the Video on Youtube URL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqrqz99hCjY So just in case it is difficult to hear what’s being said on the video. I hereby state that I accuse Mr. Jonathan Morgan Assembly Member of Criminal Negligence towards my Health n Welfare, And I also charge him with Malfeasance by not responding to my emails containing copies of my blogs or of letters delivered to his office.

Funny how you don’t see any Journalist questioning ‘Mr. Morgan about these allegations made by Crazydave that you’re a Vulnerable Adult Abuser?’ or

‘Mr. Morgan haven’t you aided and abetted the continued harassment of a Vulnerable Adult by not assisting in his being re-housed?’ or them asking

‘Mr. Morgan what do you have to say about your not writing to Dwr Cymru on Crazydaves behalf, in order for them to meet their statutory requirement’s in 2002 which required of them to write off Crazydave’s debt’ or

‘Mr. Morgan are you going to recommend that the rateable value of houses of Multiple Occupancy be reconsidered so that Vulnerable Adults are not forced into metering but have minimal charge equitable to a person living on low incomes?’ or

‘Mr. Morgan what have you to say about your continued neglect of your constituent Crazydave and the issues that he raises in his blogs and videos to do with Vulnerable Adults?’ or

‘Mr. Morgan how do you have the gall to sit in the Welsh Assembly and make pretend what a good fellow you are, when you know by rights you ought to be debarred from ever holding public office again due to your criminal negligence of your constituent, leaving him to be robbed blind, bullied by the ignorant and fleeced by all and sundry. How do you have the gall to pretend you care for mental health patients needs, when its plain you lack of action on Crazydave’s behalf proves at heart you really detest them?’

Yeah I really wonder if this video on Youtube will finally make the words ‘The BBC carn’t protect you anymore Jonathan Morgan’ a reality. Because the likes of Richard Evans et al have certainly done that these last four years, haven’t they Crazydave.

Yep and their doing it now with all this hype that Jonathan Morgan AM is proposing ground breaking legislation to help mental health sufferer’s get faster referrals. More Health Professional raking in the dosh, meanwhile the patients can freeze their arses off during the winter, get fourth world dental health care, and have no Human Rights at all. That’s the society that Mr. Jonathan Morgan is secretly subscribing to, by his do nothing attitude to Crazydave.

Yeah never realised I was this ugly till I shot these videos. That’s a frigging eye opener good job I stay out of the way of people most of the time isn’t it. So any of you regular callers to BBC Radio Wales wanna ask them why none of this hit the BBC News. Then you might just realise that they manage the news they don’t report it, all the while being aided and abetted by the Police who allow these scurrilous Assembly Member’s to get away with it, because the Media doesn’t ram a camera in Barbara Wildings face and ask ‘Mrs. Wilding what are you doing about these accusations made by Crazydave?’


In this instance it means no more will water companies rip off the vulnerable, or the BBC or the other utility companies with 5 service charges from one house.

All the Best not just the few!

From Crazydave.

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